Having the most out of your life

The level of information we have till today is tremendous. And our level of perception ?

I have been chatting with friends about awareness and consciousness. Thoughts, dreams, will and need. I have to say, that the basic life starts on material, which is the earth. Before that is another story to be told and the very beginning is another condition to be realized.

In fact, it is not easy to introduce or to put forth what we exactly imagine. The endless happening, the unlimited occasions and infinite creation, does allow to be judged with specific rules or to be described with systematic mathematics or any philosophy.

The unlimited needs to be known or lets say to be perceived. But, the unlimited does this through all the things that we see, hear, touch, taste, smell.

4 of these are located on our head and 1 of them is distributed to whole our body. (to be explained further)

Though all theses senses, actually, we do not perceive anything with them. The big illusion starts just there.