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Şems (Güneş): Bu kevkep (gezegen) 4. felek katından çıkarak gök burçlarının her birinde bir ay süreyle oturur. Feleklere de bir sene süre içinde uğrayarak geçer. Bu kevkebe büyüklük, güç, kahır, uzun olmak veya kimseye boyun eğmemek, Hayret, Ar, gayret ve haya (ar, namus) gibi sıfatlar isnat ve tensip edilir. Güneş kevkebinin burcu Aslan’ dır. Madeni intisabı ise Altın madenidir. Giyeceklerden ise sarı ipekli olanlardır. Melaikelerden Rukyail’ e, ilahi güzel adlardan (yani Esmaül-Hüsna’ dan) Ya Hay ve Ya Kayyum’ a intisabı vardır. Sayısı ise 174’ tür.

Brainwave Frequency Listing


Adrenal – An organ located above the kidneys – it manufactures a natural steroid called cortisol, which is associated with stress.

Amygdala – This is a pair of structures that exist an inch or so in from the forehead – there’s one on the right side and one on the left side – they supposedly have an impact on moods. (The right one is active when a person is depressed, and the left one is active when a person is cheerful.) Also, they are associated with fear, and the “fight or flight” response.

Thomas Campbell is a NASA physicist, US defense analyst and consciousness expert. He was one of the original explorers of consciousness during the formation of The Monroe Institute. He worked as a physicist along side Robert Monroe and Dennis Mennerich discovering that binaural beats could help aid in their explorations.

This lead to the birth of Hemi-Sync technology (easy-to-use audio-guidance meditation), used to attain specific altered states of consciousness. Thomas Campbell eventually left the Monroe Institute and went on to create My Big TOE which is a personal model of physics that unified science, philosophy, physics and metaphysics.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” –Nikola Tesla

Learning to have out-of-body experiences (OBEs) was the doorway that led Campbell to further explorations into non-physical realms. The non-physical realms have greater variety and fewer constraints than the physical world we are familiar with, he explained. He has made trips to the probable future, and said that humanity still exists a thousand years from now.

Beliefs and expectations surrounding the out-of-body experience can hold people back, he said, adding that the mind’s intent can be a powerful tool for moving into non-physical realms. In his book series, ‘My Big TOE’, TOE is an acronym for “Theory of Everything”, and he uses his knowledge gleaned from the non-physical realms to expound on life, purpose, physics and evolution.

The phenomena of the cosmos require an observer in order to be learned about and understood by us. The observer can take many forms, for example: